About Sky Trekking Alaska

For those of you who are new to Sky Trekking Alaska, the vision started in 1994 when Lori Egge, Tim’s mom, had a dream to trek guests around this great state of Alaska to share in the beauty and from the air. With this exciting and unique idea, Lori had taken her remarkable gift of hospitality, superb level of skill in flying her aircraft and love for remote Alaska to guests from all over the world who were looking for a unique adventure that they would never forget. Treks were developed to touch specific locations introducing phenomenal activities. Some of these early treks took guests from the South Eastern Inside Passage to South-Central and the Kodiak Archipelago on out to the West and the Bering Sea coast and on up North to the Arctic during the summer and the winter. In a period of 20 years, Lori’s Sky Treks have reached every corner of the state of Alaska in every month of the year! One can truly say Lori lived her dream!

In all great dreams, goals and visions – changes often come about. On November 7, 2013, Lori passed from this world to meet her Maker in Heaven: God bless her soul! A present and exciting direction for Sky Trekking Alaska is Tim will continue Lori’s legacy of sharing Alaska from the sky through epic sky treks.

Sky Trekking Alaska’s newest challenge is to create sky treks for the focused traveler; travelers who want a short and concise trek concentrating on one area, one theme and a shortened time period. Our ‘Mini Trek’ series will be featuring the Katmai National Park, Bristol Bay area, Becharof National Wildlife Refuge and Kodiak Island. Our trek themes are: Bears, National Parks and Trout/Fishing. Our trek time period ranges from a one-day to a three-day trek.

You are welcomed to join us on any of our pre-planned treks or help us create a new trek just for you! For pre-planned treks, please visit: 3 Day Bear view from King Salmon, 3 Day Southwest Alaska Parks Trek and 3 Day Katmai National Park Trout Trek. To create a new trek, please visit: Custom Design Sky Trek.