Alaska from the Air

The largest of the U.S. States –Alaska is larger than all but 18 countries of the world, and about 1/5 the size of the 48 contiguous states. The landscape is rugged and wild boasting glaciers, countless rivers and lakes, majestic mountain peaks, active volcanoes, and nearly 34,000 miles of coastline. North America’s highest peak, Mt. McKinley at 20,320 ft., is located here in Alaska. To say the least, Alaska is like no other place on our planet.

With very few roads existing across the state, and long distances between cities, the main transportation methods are by water and air. Sky Trekking Alaska offers private guided air tours to explore and experience remote Alaska. From grizzly bears to polar bears, and from humpback whales to sea otters; all accessible to Sky Trekking.