Alaska’s Secret Season

Winter in Alaska is a profound experience. The land is blanketed with white and shadow and the evening skies may be filled with the green, red, and orange hues of the Northern Lights, one of nature’s most spectacular displays.

Animal tracks in the snow tell stories and lead to wildlife normally difficult to find. The entire state seems to be yours. Alaska’s winters are crisp, fresh, and clean. February and March bring 12 to 16 hours of beautiful light.

Activities enjoyed on winter Sky Treks are many: mush your own dog team through remote wilderness areas, snowshoe in trackless powder snow, view the Northern Lights and winter landscapes or concentrate on wildlife photography. Attend Eskimo and Native Alaskan Pot Latch gatherings, visit natural Hot Springs, take snow machine tours to remote areas, enjoy bonfires and campfire cooking. Experience cross-country skiing and skijoring tours in remote Alaska.

Sky Trekking Alaska specializes in making your Winter Alaskan Adventure unique in every way. Let us help you design a winter adventure just for you!