About the Iditarod

Beginning in Anchorage, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race follows over 1,000 miles of historic trade paths through ghost towns and isolated Native villages to the legendary city of Nome. The Race is one of the few world-class sporting events where you can get consistently close to the action and even interact with the competitors.

Leaders of Iditarod Trail tours since 1993, Sky Trekking Alaska pilot/guides use ski planes to fly small groups of guests over and along the Iditarod trail, going from checkpoint-to-checkpoint, observing the Race up close and as it happens. These

Sky Treks are expeditions in the classic sense. The focus and pace is upon the sled dog race, but the overall experience gives a person a rich and detailed look at Alaska and its people. Daily flight seeing is a matter of course, and the Expedition and Start Treks include a grand tour around the highest peak in North America, Mount McKinley.

While other Sky Trekking Alaska Sky Treks are designed for the enjoyment of private groups, the Iditarod Sky Treks are designed for the flexibility of mixed groups within small, guided parties.

View the individual itineraries to get an idea of the many checkpoints we will visit.