The Twelve Day Expedition Trek

This Trek follows the entire Iditarod Race Trail 1,049 miles by ski plane, beginning in Anchorage, the Saturday morning of the Race start and includes 12 days and 12 nights, finishing in Nome.

During the Trek, guests will keep pace with the Race leaders and will have the opportunity to visit multiple Checkpoints throughout the trip. This is the ultimate tour for the Iditarod enthusiast or for the adventurer seeking a unique expedition across regions of Alaska few will ever visit.

Included are the itinerary and highlights of the Start Trek, Middle Trek and Winners Trek. While other tour packages with Sky Trekking Alaska are private parties, Iditarod Sky Treks are mixed groups with high ‘guide to guest’ ratio. Double-occupancy accommodations will be at Wasilla, McGrath, Galena, Unalakleet and Nome.

To view a detailed, day-by-day itinerary of the Iditarod Expedition Trek, click here.

12 days/12 nights beginning in Anchorage and ending in Nome
Available beginning the first Saturday each March
$16,530.00 per person 2016