Iditarod 2013 Trail Summary

Iditarod 2013! What a fabulous trip .

Participants Donna and Randy, Walt, George, Paula, Steve, Eliza and Aviva, Guide Lori and Brooke, with pilot’s Tim and Tyler.

In summary The Race Start in Anchorage was fun, and foggy! We had great weather following the start for flying to Denali Saturday afternoon for a birds eye view of the tallest mountain in North America! Landing at Martin Buser’s Happy Trails B&B for an amazing dinner and overnight. The Re Start we volunteered at the Race Chute and helped clean up, then guests flew to Yentna Station to see Martin arrive. Day Three was an epic day with stops at Rohn, Finger Lake and Rainy Pass to see mushers and again returning to Happy Trails B&B airstrip! Day Four we left to McGrath for a couple nights at Hotel McGrath and a trip to Iditarod. The weather was not perfect but our safe and crafty pilots got us where we wanted to be. Day seven we followed the trail to Anvik to see all the top mushers and then on to Galena for and overnight with the Korta’s. Dog mushing demo for George Day eight. Departure to Kaltag and then on to Unalakleet with some darn nice weather! We got to see Martin arrive in Kaltag after a marathon run in some of the worst trail conditions ever from Anvik. Poor Martin and the dogs, it was an unlucky turn of events. We enjoyed Martin’s humor and seeing pilot’s from around the state in the checkpoint. After a yummy lunch we departed for UNK.

Day nine and ten we spent in UNK mostly in town for all the mushers were arriving there. It was the place to be! Kathy Chapoton who was sno-machining the trail this year was there and we got to see her  for a few minutes and catch up on things. The trail had been really tough traveling. She is one hardy gal to make it ll the way to Nome.

On to Nome day 11 for meals over the top from Chef’s Susan and Kathleen. A flight to White Mountain day 12 and we canceled the snow cat it was broke down. Nothing was missed as the pilot’s landed at the Safety checkpoint to see and experience it from the ground. Fun fun fun…..Our final night in Nome Dee Dee Jonrowe and her husband Mike and Mother joined us for a KingCrab and steak Mardi Gras party at the Aurora Inn. Thank you to all participants, and to our staff who are always exceptional!! It’s was LOVELY!