Fly fishing Alaska, John Lee and his family enjoyed a Big Day in Alaska’s backcountry. Flying to two locations for Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Grayling were the targeted species. We enjoyed hiking through the brush that looks like mowed grass from the air but is 4 feet tall from the ground, sight fished for NorthernPike with top water flies and spin gear, ate lunch at Chelatna Lake and continued fly and spin fishing at Chelatna. Lunch was served shoreside. The weather gave us a little bit of everything from 70 degrees and muggy with no wind to rain showers, sunny skies and stormy squalls at the end of the day. The Jack Russell Terrier “Koa” was along for the adventure and enjoyed his airplane ride, running through the brush, swimming in the rivers and chasing birds. He barked when we started the plane and during the takeoff, but we succeeded in wearing him out so he was quiet on the ride home. We spotted Moose and 3 sets of Black Bears from the air, and saw Alaska’s tallest house! All had fun. Thank you John, Nit and Mathew…..

Checkpoints Koyuk, Elim, cast of characters 2012

March 12 began the Sky Trek from Unalakleet to Nome for the Winner’s and Expeditions guests. Here are some pictures of smiling faces of happy people doing amazing things. The weather was clear, windy in Koyuk and not so windy in Elim. We enjoyed lunch at the checkpoint in Koyuk but not much time there. Expedition, and middle trek guests Terry and Tracye and guides enjoyed switching to a twin engine Navajo to trek the trail to Nome. A mess up in UNK left Scooter flying aboard the mail plane. Oh my! Guide Zac joined the mail plane in Koyuk and Scooter joined us in the Navajo.Winner’s Trekkers joined the STA pilot/guides aboard the Cessna’s. Never a dull moment and what the heck would an adventure be without some unknown circumstances to excite our minds. Scooter was amazing. We all spent time in Koyuk and Elim and flew the trail to Nome. More images and stories from Elim coming soon.


Welcome to the Sky Trekking Alaska Adventure Log

Welcome Sky Trekkers! Here is the first official post to the Adventure Log. This morning in Wasilla we awoke to big giant snow flakes dropping form the sky. It’s supposed to be “Spring Time” but we often get a few snow showers till mid April. The Anchorage, Mat-Su Vally in 2.3 inches from breaking the most amount of snow since 1955! Wow, we may even make it. I would guess it snowed at least an inch, not sure about the accumulation?

Looking forward to sharing our Sky Trek Journey’s with you. We will have a Re Cap of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Sky Trek Adventures real soon. Thank you for joining us here.

Happy Tales, Team Sky Trek