Sky Trekking Southwest Alaska

Pilot/guide Tim Gossett is traveling with 4 fun and adventurous guests from the UK. They spent two days in Katmai National Park based from Cusack’s Lodge on Lake Iliamna. Participated in  Fly Fishing , bear viewing at Brooks Camp and hiking so far. Today’s flight takes them across Cook Inlet to Prince William Sound to view sea life and glaciers. Staying at Eshamey Bay Lodge tonight. Have a safe and wonderful day guys!

King Salmon – Katmai National Park and Bear Viewing here we come!

Announcing Sky Trekking Alaska purchases C Air in King Salmon Alaska. We will now be based full time in King Salmon just 5 miles form Katmai National Park and Preserve. Yes we will still be doing statewide Private Guided Air Tours as well as a new list of Day Trips from King Salmon. Check out the 3 Day Bear Trek!

C Air was owned by personal friends Cecil and Catherine Shuman for the past 25 years. Cecil knows every inch of the area and passes on years and years of his experience in the area. We look forward to meeting all of the returning guests and serving F&G, the Park Service and Wildlife Refuges in the area. Cecil has been highly dedicated to customer service and safety! We will be operating as Sky Trekking Alaska and under the banner of the C Air name.

Sky Trekking Alaska offers both floatplane and wheel plane services from King Salmon. Bear viewing and fishing are amazing in Katmai National Park. Come join us for a fly out to Brooks Camp or to Moraine Creek for that Rainbow Trout of a lifetime!

Call Cilla Robbins at 907 315 6098 to book your space today!

Bears at Brooks Camp

Clam digging, luxury camping, and Sky Trekking Adventure

Take a day and fly out to dig razor clams with one of the best survival machete, hike in the wilderness, camp in remote backcountry locations and bear view in Lake Clark National Park. Sky Trekking Alaska Adventures are many! Pilot guide Tim Gossett took friends from Talkeetna on this spectacular day in June.



Fly fishing Alaska, John Lee and his family enjoyed a Big Day in Alaska’s backcountry. Flying to two locations for Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Grayling were the targeted species. We enjoyed hiking through the brush that looks like mowed grass from the air but is 4 feet tall from the ground, sight fished for NorthernPike with top water flies and spin gear, ate lunch at Chelatna Lake and continued fly and spin fishing at Chelatna. Lunch was served shoreside. The weather gave us a little bit of everything from 70 degrees and muggy with no wind to rain showers, sunny skies and stormy squalls at the end of the day. The Jack Russell Terrier “Koa” was along for the adventure and enjoyed his airplane ride, running through the brush, swimming in the rivers and chasing birds. He barked when we started the plane and during the takeoff, but we succeeded in wearing him out so he was quiet on the ride home. We spotted Moose and 3 sets of Black Bears from the air, and saw Alaska’s tallest house! All had fun. Thank you John, Nit and Mathew…..

Prince William Sound Young couples Adventure

A very dear Mother was so kind to treat her son and girlfriend to an amazing adventure in Alaska. Sky Trekking Alaska flew Courtney and Scott from Lake Lucille in Wasilla through Prince William Sound on the most gorgeous day ! We flew over snow capped mountains, expansive glaciers and sights that few will ever see. Landing in the SW district of PWS the destination was the Talvi’s Port Ashton Lodge where Courtney and Scott enjoyed some water activities time using inflatable kayaks from, as well as hiking, and wilderness peace along with some of the best meals ever prepared by Miss Lia. Day tow Sky Trekking Alaska returned for a PWS adventure to see and experience glaciers up close and personal. Which we did. Tiger glacier was where we drawn too. The weather there was nice and calm with overcast skies and no precipitation. We saw many harbor seals who were very curious and followed Courtney and Scott along the beach as they hiked towards the glacier’s face. Lori stayed with the airplane in case of a large calving event with which she would need to move the airplane off the beach during the tidal surge. Cilla poked around to discover animal tracks and to prepare and assist Lori with Lia’s fabulous lunch for all of us. Pictures were taken, sounds were heard and we all enjoyed the surreal nature surrounding us. Innocently we enjoyued the calving of the glacier until a giant chunk calveing into the bay. Because the bay was so narrow the echo from this calving ice created a giant surge. As it turned out Lori moved the plane while the guests and Cilla remained on the beach out of the way of the crashing waves. The moral to the story EAT THE HOT BANANA BREAD FIRST. Before the giant calving event we dined leisurely on yummy homemade halibut sandwiches, snap peas, oatmeal raison cookies and HOT out of the oven banana bread prepared by Miss Lia Talvi. It was so good, not on Lori’s diet but she loved every bite of the TWO pieces she ate before having to depart the beach! TTL for an incredible day in Wild Alaska with special people……