About Sky Trekking Alaska

In a state that is mostly inaccessible by road, an extraordinary perspective of Alaska’s most rugged and stunning wilderness can be taken from the vantage point of a private aircraft, a floatplane or ski plane reserved just for you by Sky Trekking Alaska. Sky Trekking Alaska is based from King Salmon, just five miles from Katmai National Park.

What is a Sky Trek?

The concept is simple: an aircraft and the attention of a pilot/guide are reserved exclusively for you and your private party while you Sky Trek a route across a region of Alaska. You cross miles of territory each day while stopping along the way to witness spectacular natural sights, animals or historic landmarks. Sometimes the trip legs are short to allow the majority of a day to partake in an adventure activity such as hiking, fishing or rafting. Each evening you stay at a wilderness lodge, inn or B&B in quaint towns and villages. Only the highest quality accommodations available will do. Lunches are catered in advance to your tastes while breakfasts and dinners are taken at the lodges and inns.

Our packages are carefully arranged and are cost inclusive, meaning we take care of planning and delivering all meals, lodging, activities and transportation. Pre-trip planning and consultation leave nothing to doubt and during the course of your Sky Trek, a pilot/guide is at your service all day, every day during your trip and sees that your trip is conducted safely and pleasantly.

Our itineraries are carefully designed to take you through some of the world’s most spectacular and remote scenery in Alaska.

All treks are priced double occupancy and a minimum of two participants. Please inquire for single travelers or single occupancy.