The Aircraft of C Air and Sky Trekking Alaska

Our fleet of Cessna aircraft operate on floats and wheels during the summer and wheel/skis during the winter. We selected our types of aircraft for their combination of performance and reliability.

All of our aircraft are in excellent physical and mechanical condition. Each receives a vigorous and thorough Annual Inspection that meets or exceeds standards set by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the respective manufacturer. Our aircraft are inspected and certified by the FAA to operate under a Part 135 (Air Carrier) Certificate held by Sky Trekking Alaska, LLC.

Cessna 185/180 Sky Wagon

We operate two Cessna “185″ and one Cessna “180″ aircraft. To the right is shown the 185 on wheel Skis. The 185/180 seats up to four passengers and one pilot but for comfort we typically limit seating to three passengers and one pilot.